72 Hours With Strangers Who Have Seen Aliens

Birt 6 des 2020
A few months ago Ammar heard about an incredibly strange event in Massachusetts on September 1st 1969 where several people that didn’t know each other from the same town claim to have been abducted by aliens on the same evening. The story seemed so surreal and otherworldly that we had to go speak to the people directly... Here are their stories. What do you think?
The UFO monument park is in loving memory of the late, Dr Howard W. Reed.
Hosts: Thomas Dajer, Ammar Kandil, Sky Cowans and Eric Tabach
Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry, Tristan Kevitch and Eric Tabach
Production coordinator: Alex Sandstedt and Tristan Kevitch
Directed by Ammar Kandil and Thomas Dajer
Thank you Eric Tabach for helping us capture and edit this video:
Thank you to Sky for pointing us towards this story:
Then of course thank you to Thom Reed and all of the other witnesses that were willing to speak to us and share their version of the story.
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  • Sky? Hhmmm. Her parents should have named her Akasha or Sky in a different language than in English. Sky ' in English is not very compelling for a name, especially for a women. But in a language other than English would have been better. No offense.

  • Yes Theory, check Sarmizegetusa in ROMANIA and you'll be surprised!

  • Guyz its a made up story about something called Alien's to scare people's, If Aliens were really there they could have killed each and every single person on this planet. Fuck all this shit don't think about this shit, we all have only one life leave it without any made up shit and fear. There are only Humans and Animals here, There's 100% nothing like Aliens and shit. If it's really there we Humans could have found it earlier.

  • Ufology with passion.

  • Fact others are here and have been here for ever.

  • That was really well done👏🏾

  • The guy says he has marks on his arms but doesn’t show it

  • Liked and subscribed! This was an excellent video which really dug into the story, rooted out details not heard before. This sort of thing happens all over this planet and doesn't get enough exposure. Thanks for examining this piece of history back into our awareness. God Bless those individuals who have lived through this event and had the courage to open up their lives for our benefit of knowledge. They had nothing to gain except the therapeutic comfort of having strangers believe their stories.

  • If there was nothing to say it would just be a no. Not I can’t tell you.

  • I have visited by nonhumans since I was a child. I also met a humanoid robot who looked like a beautiful Mexican female. You don't want to know how I found out how it was a robot. I been watched by drones and followed by them. I seen many types of different nonhumans and willing to share these stories (but only to someone who actually believes me)! I'm not seeking fame or money just hope people start to realize humans are not on top of the food chain!

  • Honestly it's cool to see a little gang going after the truth , but the doc in itself isn't really exciting. There are a lot more cases around that are truly incredible

  • Nice

  • So.. one night I went to sleep per usual. I remember waking up in a chair which I was strapped into. These people that looked like humans unstrapped me and was like, how did the simulation go. She asked me to euthanize an old woman I did. And me and the head person were talking in a breeze way and I looked out of the big window in the breeze way and it was planets and stars. And she was like “what happens the to earth, will only take seconds for us” and she put me back in the chair strapped me in and I woke up. I could say so much more about this dream but it goes into so much detail. It has changed my perspective since.

  • Media sure as hell paid them well lmao

  • There is a nde on youtube of a lady telling the story of her son dying ,seeing Jesus .Then her son recovering & coming back told his mum what Jesus said . "There is going to be World War 3 mum "".This will be bad." It what happens after the war . Aliens are coming and they eat people. This was very scary to hear. My faith in Jesus I believe will protect me . Say Jesus Jesus believe you will be protected . The Aliens are Demonic . Jesus ,God is more powerful . God bless all ❤🙏

  • Just believe......... lmao

  • All the descriptions he gave was nothing new to till date what we know about aliens. Why aliens, their ships werent changed after centuries when earth changed a loooot within a centuri?

  • not meaning to criticize, but ... have people forgotten about "The Day of the Sun," or Betty and Barney Hill ???

  • The universe has every right to ignore us. We ignore each other incessantly! It's horrible and inhumane. So how can an inhuman be expected to treat us better than we treat each other?

  • This video hit different now that the government confirmed the ufo sightings on video 🥴

  • The blonde is crazy fosore never trust a blonde with a twitchy eye

  • Aliens was watching us for decades whe are human safari for them

  • 👎

  • News media and governements all across the globe are reporting the existence recently with factual evidence confirmed by physicists...the watchers are watching

  • The interesting part is from 21

  • When you experience it, you'll think its a bizarre dream. Except that it really happened

    • Did anything happen to you?

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  • The chef of police lol luvin the accent I believe them all

  • Best is watching this at 5:30AM in morning and by the time episode finished you see the bright object in sky... Humans call it SUN .....

  • 👽👽 Why only American.. make sure you select out countries for this drama 👽👽

  • Its Self Explanatory Aint It ? You Just Answered Your Own Question ( 37.00 to 38.04 ) What Are You Gonna Give The Aliens ? What Are They Gonna Gain From Us ? Enslavement Discrimination Deninance Unequality Unfairness Not Same Treatmant Guinea Pig Testmant Forbidness Bad Treatmant Unacknowledgment Unauzarization Unadaptness Missleadment Imprisonment Harrassment Dealmant Insultmant Pressurement Informationment Experimant Traumatizemant Seperatiomant Stoppament Treachaurmant Humiliationmant

  • He can tell if he wants to

  • BS! This guy has ZERO PROOF!! Why?! because God created all things. And there is only life on this planet. There is no intelligent physical life forms anywhere in the universe. There are angels and demons who are spirits but that is the supernatural things God created.

  • you should visit chandratal lake in Himachal pradesh India and masarovar lake in Tibet , lack of drinking water in other planets is a big issue they have to take drinking water from earth .

  • Lol this explains Biden and the clowns in the White House

  • It just came out on the news today that the pentagon confirmed of an UFO pyramid in the sky.

  • The stories these People tell are impossible to fake and there would be no reason to fake it...

  • There's life out there besides ours people need to accept it it's like living n one part of the world and really belive there are no one else on the planet SMH no wonder they won't come down and introduce them selves to us we are ignorant we can't even live with each other as different races do to racism imagine a different lifeforms altogether come on people/humans we need to do better

  • The universe is so v aste all the planets stand to reason we’re not alone there is life else where of course

  • Of course there’s aliens

  • Scientist be like: it will take thousands of years to work out if aliens are real Meanwhile Netflix proves they aer

  • Ammar you shouldn’t even doubt there are intelligent life forms other than human beings, remember we believe in Jinns? Which is pretty much intelligent being compared to us!

  • Laying on the ground in my backyard just looking at the sky. I saw it high in the sky with half of it reflecting the light of the sun. I turned to my left to look for my phone and it was gone! typical really...lol

  • WOW! Wouldn't want this experience!!!!!,WOW!!

  • That one girl got all dressed up for the camera

  • Hi, Saagar I have seen a UFO flying around the top of the full moon & also have been visited by the Tall people while cleaning up the beach where I live & also had & a visit by the reptilian as well who was standing by & old car so when I approached him he through & empty Coffee cup on the road so I picked it up with my

  • I hope you who has made the video do read these comments because bottom line is if you don't ask the right question you can't get your answers and the answers are right in front of you have somebody look at them what does blood type when he was born and what's his blood type now right there's a good question look at Bill Gates look what he's doing

  • Hold up I was watching something earlier that a guy also said you can’t move anything but ur eyes so it sort of adds up 😳

  • Did these people after they were abducted did they go seek medical real true honest doctors to check them out to see if they have been altered or there were something in planted in them this is a good question this is what you should be asking and when you have that proof then I'd look at today's crazy whack jobs making up Coronavirus The Satanist of people eating babies and Hollywood Hollywood look at Chrissy Teigen and her husband in Brad Pitt delivering her baby parts and babies from drinking the blood they're all whacked Obama was are there UFO's his answer is well I can't tell you that well that's good enough for me that means you're lying and you're in on it but we're pretty smart out here so Obama's in the clintons in the store roses all think that they're going to start some kind of War to defeat our God Propel loose they are messed up people they should be in a mental institution

  • Stop worrying about this viral nonsense. Worry about the poison they use to "treat it". Read my long comment on why more and more of this is officially coming out in the media from the DoD.

  • So I'll tell you why all this is coming out now and when these laws get passed that completely rewrite human rights and purpose of gov and this strange religion pops up and more unethical science projects are revealed and a man appears who can answer our deepest questions and save our society on a global scale. I want you to remember this post this "weird, conspiracy sounding idiot" posted that basically laid out everything that happened leading up to the total loss of our freedom and you being placed in a 5G controlled "Prison City" smack dab in the middle of a global apocalypse with people dying all around you from things you'll finally realize, aren't what they said were the causes, but the "treatments" themselves and laws doing it. That many of you wanted this "progress" now it's here and it's too late to stop it now. Here goes as to why and what these are: Okay, so here's the deal. When the global leaders need an excuse for all this amoral, unethical and insane tech they've been messing with to use on the GP (general public) in the future they have their excuses. "We got it from aliens". No, you developed it communing with demons. Who you call aliens or Interdimentional beings. I'm seeing the reports now that they're admitting to their research with cross species hybridization for example, like it's new and in particular human/animal chimeras. This is nothing new, they even use language in the reports you can tell is total cover-up, "oh we're not lying or doing anything wrong" speak that so many of you can see thru now because many of you have actually woken up to how these people operate and lie. Then another example is the chips in the arm and the chips in the brain or Neuralink tech that Elon Musk was pushing for over a year ago that disappeared with the plandemic. What the public doesn't realize is that you can't say (like Musk did) "oh we've developed this tech and next year the first people will start being able to receive it"... Really?? No, we didn't just develop it. We first started putting Neuro Net link capabilities into our special forces team Commanders over almost thirty years ago, "officially" even though admonition to those programs are classified. This isn't new tech. That stuff is still classified but we know this because in the community some Commanders over these battalions for example who were called to D.C. to "volunteer" to help implement this program were told just enough that they realized what was going on and they turned it down and the result is they went on to be reassigned, etc. So we knew the seriousness of this stuff years ago. These are just two examples of tech we've developed in conjunction with "off world" or "Interdimentional" help. The perfect excuse is to say, "well, aliens are the reason, look, they're the good guys, here's all the miraculous stuff we've learned and achieved with their help"... It will be the biggest ruse and trick of the devil in human history all culminating to the Apocalypse. It offers an excuse to discredit Christian's or religious people and it offers explanation to athiestic or agnostic people to say, "see, it's all science, alien technology--because the devil doesn't exist now does he...?" They'll use it to start a one world religion worshipping these beings, essentially. They'll be hailed as our longtime gods and creators and the rest of religion will be swept away and outlawed as divisive, evil, bigoted, racist, homophobic, etc. We're already seeing all this play out right before our eyes. The soft kill Eugenicist efforts, global viral terrorism and medical tyranny, elimination of religious freedom, free capitalist markets and being deemed "essential or non-essential" so the beer store can stay open but you can't attend church services. If we don't push back on all this lunacy and these lies and mandates then there won't be a future for many. There are a lot of convenient Christian doctrines that appear no where in the Bible but are here to "comfort folks" who think they won't live thru much of the worst of this. One is "rapture". An entire doctrine based off a few sentences that has zero basis or timeline in Biblical Cannon. I'm telling you folks, evils here, we have the proof. I've also been a paranormal investigator for years, a theologian, student, gov servant, prophetic gifted, giving, spirit discerning follower of God. Because I wanted to prove to myself then people this stuff was real. Now it's (all the crazy stuff) has slowly become mainstem. Now it's becoming admitted as fact, acknowledged by government's. That we do things, we test "veil rending" drugs on groups of people like DMT and communicate with what they call "The. Elves" or Interdimentional beings. They even do this research at John Hopkins for example. None of this is hidden. I want to tell you, where we've gotten our main info from these demons hasn't been thru this drug or audiological recording method like I've used. This is where societies and civilizations have fallen, disappeared, been wiped out thru out history is when these entities really got something "good to share with you" they demand more. They want sacrifice, and I think you know the kinds. It ain't animals... Now how can demons take physical form? Technology. The bodies of these "aliens" and their tech, some has been described by those whose worked in ATS fields. They are actually a "plant like material." Grown entities, hybrid biological vessels like a demon could possess and control. They use telepathy to control their ships, that's been admitted by people viewed as truthful who've worked on specific sections of this technology like the crashed UFO tech recovered over the years. They can manipulate and build hybrid DNA and cybernetic organisms (yes, basically like the Terminator) and control them. Here we are seeing mainstream science and media sources admitting now they've done and have been doing all this sort of stuff for decades. But the "aliens" needed human help to continue to serve them, work with them, etc, to be ultimately effective in their goals which the end game is usurping God and His Throne, essentially.... Or so they want. Now you can say this is nuts, this is conspiracy but there are reasons me and people like me know this and know what we do. We've been exposed to 50 different aspects, pieces of a puzzle, in our work, our service, etc. We've connected to the real God of the universe as well and prayed for divine understanding and wisdom and received the ability to extrapolate it. We've done the research into the people and their own words and plans for decades who rule different parts of the world and society. We've seen some of this with our own eyes and had dreams and visions of international policy to come or events that became truth years later. There are so many reasons, right now the obvious is staring us all right in the face. The evidence of what they've said their stated goals were and here the evidence of the execution of those plans becomes more evident by the month. You get the gift of discernment of spirits as well and you can just see and sense the evil or good in certain individuals and actions. All this is how so many have drawn to this conclusion of where we are as humans and a society and it's pretty bleak folks. "The Great Reset" and "Build Back Better" is upon us. My first suggestion is don't listen to idiots like Hannity, who believe their lies. Who push that poison in the needle. DON'T TAKE THAT POISON. Get your self-sufficient stockpiles and methods, plans finalized and get as far away from urban centers as you can. Be prepared to cut all ties and go off grid with your family if need be and form up solid community connections in rural areas with folks you've known years and law enforcement with sense who think like you and are moral individuals. That's the best advice I can give anyone. Be ready to live like it's 1930 again and if need be cut all radio reception/broadcast and /power/movement for certain periods once the really bad begins to unfold and drones, etc are looking for folks. Anyway, that's it for now. Everyone take care and God keep you and yours.

  • I want to get abducted by aliens please😀👽🛸👽

  • Obama said I can't tell you but look at his head nodding yes

  • of course there's life outside the Earth. It's the vacuum of space, basically infinite to what we know so far. I believe that there is alien life somewhere and I do think they possibly visited the Earth.

  • YEAH MY BOY BOB LAZAR. I'm convinced of his story. This other guy sounds shady. I'll keep watching, but his story is so rehearsed and he's presenting it in a weird way. He seems disingenuous.

  • The intro music gives me the uncontrollable urge to watch Tron Legacy.

  • I think you guys did a great job on this. You have a gift for putting people at ease. They opened up you. Each person was HIGHLY believable. Their eyes didnt roll down when any of them spoke. I believe them.

  • dislikes are just aliens that are trying to prove they don't exist 0-0

  • I am watching this from Kenya and honestly speaking I believe what you guys are saying. This is so real, we need no approval from NASA and the Presidents, that chief that escaped being interviewed cause they have definitely signed an oath they allege to not sharing content related to UFO. But one day The whole world will know that UFO exists. to the whole team behind this- thumbs up.

  • I am so thankful you shared this and got to see all this people like Melanie who lives through all her experience. Keep it up guys ❤️

  • You can tell that judge is a cool dude

  • Well we won’t get the truth from our government so I believe these people before corrupt government

  • I think I saw a UFO when I was 7

  • This, too, challenged my reality.

  • Yes there are ufo

  • I believe they exist. But we have no idea how their spaceships look like the disc shape is totally man made. The description is what you normally see in alien movies and cartoons how can it be exactly the same

  • When a president says I can’t tell you,to a puppet Cia agent so called "journalist" you know it's bullshit

  • There are rumors that the gov is going to release all their information about aliens in the next coming years. But in my opinion as humans we have a right to know who else is living in our universe. They shouldn’t be hiding this information from us. This is a humanity/life thing not a government secret that should be withheld.

  • I like to believe that aliens will help us beat climate change and eventually help us with all problems

  • Can't talk about it... well to me that's a: "Yes they are fucking real!" These stories go beyond imagination, that's why it's bullshit to most people. But indeed... Why should they make it up...

  • I saw strange lightning when I was young. My first time was when I was in my 5th grade I was 10 or 11. I just saw something like a star but not blinking like others, just a bright circle in the sky and then it flew upwards and leave a bright flare. It was like Jesse and James from pokemon got kicked in the air. Sounds funny but it was like that. the second encounter, I was 13 or 14, I was lying down on our roof and watching the stars when I was something blinking, it was like the signal light from an airplane, it was red blinking light tho it blink simultaneously from left to right. It moves upward and seems like the blinks are in zigzag. If I had to measure the distance, it was about the size of my palm yet I saw nothing except for the blinking lights. I also don't hear anything and the skies were clear. I just shrugged it off and continue star gazing, when it came back it moves backward... That's when I knew it wasn't normal as I don't see any airplane would fly backward.

  • If we can visit their planet what makes you think that they’re not visiting us catching all the vibes. 🌚👽

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  • Mass delusion.

  • The lady with the fur seems nuts

  • I kinda believe it because when I was younger probably 10years old I saw a flying object looks like a sphere with a bright light flash throw my balcony, I peeked to see and I saw the sphere went so fast. I told my family and they didn't believe me.. I still don't know what it is to this day but it was not an airplane or a shooting star.

  • I really have a hard feelings for the investigation of aliens. But after watching this video my mind blows up bro. These people really have a hard soul that they watch that❤️❤️❤️

  • Really have trust issues after the blairwitch project and when animal planet release that fake mermaid thing.

  • Quite interesting. Thank you so much for your findings. Good luck and keep it up

  • ismem.info/for/v-deo/rX6VnK1ru9nTh6g.html 🙏🏻🎈🎈

  • I loved watching this and I'm looking forward to more on this topic

  • They like all had the same details in there story.

  • I live in adrian, Michigan. I saw 3 black orbs flying in a triangular formation with one orb slightly ahead of the other two. I watched them fly high up till i could no longer see them. My girlfriend saw them also and she was shocked. I told her “im not crazy see babe”! Im always watching the skys for these things and my phone will be ready next time if i see these again! Very very strange..... 😓

  • The real aliens filmed 3:13, Eric on the toilet.

  • The journalist at the end lost me. Why would aliens give a shit about any of that?

  • Phil Collins?

  • why don't aliens ever abduct anyone with an IQ higher than 75 also they must really fucking hate cows 🤣🤣🤣

    • fr bro why do they hate cows so much, its the only thing that makes me think their stories arent legit

  • I've seen a UFO growing up. Nobody really believes it when I tell them but I know what I saw

  • Does any Amarican likes any of there presidents?😛😛😛

  • First I'm a drop dead scientist. I'm extremely experience person at many levels including professionally in a number of fields. It goes like this. I lived near Dover AFB in Delaware in the 60's as kid. My mother had talked to AF pilots. Some of them were upset and told her about chasing UFO's thinking they were Russian craft only they did maneuvers no aircraft can do by any country. They told her of flying jazzed up 16's with strapped rocket boosters and still couldn't catch them. There is more details that there is no room here for them. I know the pilots are a special lot and take their flying seriously and keep it straight. Flying a high tech jet isn't a fantasy event its stay real if you want to stay alive so the pilots heads are on straight. My dad who isn't a fantasy guy that didn't like fantasy books or movies. In the spring of late 60's my dad and my younger brother saw a UFO that flew early morning hours just about the road outside our home in a very small town. My dad is A type professional sports person that I have never seen frightened in my life. His ability for detail is remarkable and very accurate for his work. He described it calmly as did my brother, me I was still asleep in my room. My father said it was silent, wobbling slightly, silver disk that first he thought it was a Galaxy C5A high up moving slowly. When he got the perspective he realized it was much smaller than he thought, only a few hundred feet about him, moving slowly. He said it turned up the main street into the town and lost sight of it. They came and told me what happened in a pretty calm way. My brother or him never spoke about it since. Since part of my training is profiling, upon watching this video it became apparent to me they were telling what they thought was true. I can tell that witnesses believed what they reported. Their body language, facial expressions, voice quality, wording, type of detail, eye contact, eyes water, lip movements, and spontaneous looks we all real and unrehearsed. Of course this makes it more eerie, because you waiting for the fake and it doesn't appear. Its interesting as although I have had these experiences at one level its real and another its as if I don't know where to file it or even tell it. Sometimes it seems a burden to have this experience. I don't think of it often and probably none of friends know this. Because I know how social responses go to this type of material. How this can be interpreted by others giving discomfiting emotional and verbal negative feedback. So telling even if true acts as a major inhibitor specially because of my professional standing. Even for myself as a scientist I realize that we aren't alone as since we exist proves this is possible other life exists. With no way to explain the tech or the other beings psychology it feels if one is holding the bag for the experiences. Where do you share it basically no where. After all I can just call the alien and get verified, not. People don't want their lives ridiculed for events that have happened to them so they generally don't share them or only with a few. Since you don't know me, I'm a doc. This has some safety. However, it feels unsafe even doing it this way. Not even sure really doing this and I had erase it once then put it back again. Yea really. Inspired by these people to let my voice be heard too. I'm on FB so with some detective work maybe you might find me.

  • I saw a UFO when I was about 14

  • don't watch this if you ever plan on driving in the country at night or ... sleeping ever again

  • Why don’t they check her with her computer see if they shut down, not very good investigators that’s the first thing out of said was let’s go sit down with my computer or my cell phone. This is laughable

  • The guy is it put this on there don’t believe what they’re hearing, you can tell there grinning and snickering with everybody to talk to them and grinning when they talk about it. They know it’s simple and silly, or they wouldn’t be smiling and snickering and looks skeptical themselves

  • 29:45 "IS THE UNIVERSE IGNORING US?" Our modern civilization suppresses higher consciousness. It's that higher consciousness which is necessary to experience "what's out there." For example people in altered states of consciousness using DMT, have experienced and communicated with aliens. Or even "God." (I have never used drugs, but as a child experienced "God," and had many surreal and paranormal experiences.) Jennifer Huberdeau: "...we haven't reached that height of awareness as a society, as a people." Exactly.

  • I can't take seriously someone who drives around in a stretch limo with a license plate that reads VIPONTV.

  • Phil Collins

  • if you want to know about the alien is exist or not so you need to know about this: how far does their planet to the earth? how fast are their planes? what kind of fuel do they use? what kind of food do they eat? what kind of oxygen do they use? the next stage is how do they manage small materials that come through their planes? what make them unable to speak with public? what make them so interested on earth? why they are so interested on jamming nuclears controls? what makes them only interested in government instead of public? whatever your answer will make it so the answers so impossible to understand

  • how does he be so sure, he's seen aliens? may be he saw himself in a mirror after a century!

  • What we need is to come together as a species look past all things that divide us then maybe we'll be ready for the rest of the universe