He Started a Country Inside the U.S. Nobody Noticed.

Birt 9 ágú 2020
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His "Excellency President Kevin Baugh" apparently started his own country inside the US called Molossia... We had to go see it to find out what it's all about.
As a note, you cannot just to go visit this place, you have to ask for permission first and get listed on the official tours they do. This usually only happens once a month a few months a year. Make sure you go on their website before you do anything and contact them for a tour :)
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  • So... Where do we start with building this nation huh?!

  • Id like to be a citizen of molossia.

  • Im gonna start my own nation now

  • Molossia be older than Slovakia...

  • A weird way to get out of paying taxes

  • This is a joke right lol I been to Nevada a thousand times and never heard of this

  • Am I allowed to move to molossia

  • Where does go shopping 🤣🤣

  • I would totally love to join that micro nation

  • Make it soon. I will trade everything to be there

  • Guy looks like friggin Pinochet yet is the kindest person to ever meet

  • How about millitary or police in this country.

  • Little did they know, that when they brought that cookie dough, they crashed their entire economy.

  • Love the satire in this.

  • Let's go Mr President of no man's zone.

  • I hope the Native Americans get one too

  • Nobody cares how much you like coffee.

  • I will sell my Kingdom (though my barber says I have two crowns) for it's value in rare earth metals.

  • Wait does anybody live here

  • For now mr president has to be everything including his own security.

  • peter griffin

  • I'm surprised no one mentioned the 2010 invasion and conversion to Kickassia. That was a heavy war.


  • Are we gonna just skip over the fact that this country is still at war with east germany

  • Forming LIBERAL communist countries

  • Says uk shows a map of England I’m gonna call the us California until this stops

  • I thoight the nation was really well built for tourists, but i found him actually seriois about it. The president is definetely a creative artist.

  • Fun fact Molossia is still at war with east getmany

  • I think usa will invade molossia if they find oil.

  • Very very clever.

  • Do they need an extra guy,?

  • I’m down to join yeslandia

  • Is he the only person that owns molossia, and i think he is the only man from molossia, let me go and form my own country hahahaha ...

  • bro he has to be trolling

  • Holy shit I love this guy

  • That's why I'm beginning to enjoy ISmem I receive Creative PhD here..lots of News up to date..even medical bla bla bla.. Wow..that officer understands English too..

  • a 6 years old kid spirit stuck on a 60+ years old man and became a tour guide of their own backyard theme park.

  • so down to join this micro nation with yes theory!


  • Umm this guy has a real banking system? The biggest tax heaven known to man! Wait until bankers realize this!

  • I always wanted to redesign education system, build a place where people can choose what they love to do as their jobs and a whole lot of wonderful things. I will be trying to build a place like this in future even If it fails.

  • add me as a citizen of Yeslandia!!!!!

  • There is hope

  • I thought you were talking about Donald Trump at first. I would have moved away from all of the crazieness in a heartbeat!

  • The average boy noticeably reach because stage admittedly spell amongst a hollow screw. mature, cooing june

  • I want to have good foriegn and trade relation with molassia.

  • I’m so ready to join Yeslandia. Count me in!

  • First they met the primeminister of Canada and then the president of molossia. They're moving up in the world...

  • Imagine in 200 years this becomes a giant country

  • i wanna live here

  • Tbh I like the flag

  • He should make his own nation

  • this felt like a interactive field trip

  • The president is legit

  • Does Molossia have covid restrictions?

  • This guy should declare war on petoria..

  • I think we should embrace these mini countries they could actually have some real things to them.

  • This inspired me to create a micronation in my house. Nation is called the Republic of Esnary

  • Imagining got married with his excellency's daughter one day. What kind of documents to be filled haha

  • Sealand was abandoned I think.

  • The Gov likely considers this guy a prankster or something not too Threatening.

  • Yeah ... another coffee that torture poor farmworkers

  • I think I’ve always been a yeslandian at heart

  • I'll joint your "Love over Fear" nation!!

  • you guys are nuts

  • He bases his currency on a rookie dough reserve he keeps in a shed. Whilel the US bases its currency on fairy dust. At least his currency is back by something.

  • I think everyone who watched Kickassia already noticed a decade ago

  • I hope many people follow the suit so that Russia could start their military bases inside each of them. Well done President of Molossia.

  • Fun fact: they’re at war with East Germany, even though East Germany stopped existing 30 years ago

  • How could you not tell us how to book a tour or if there's a "tour schedule" such as at certain times on certain days.

  • Love over fear? Lol that doesn'tmake sense. Try faith over fear & love over hate! Oh,I forgot you guy's are pushing the one world religion along with the one world order!!

  • Better President than Trump

  • It would be hilarious if the UN provided this guy any accommodation 😂

  • Very Interesting..

  • If they find gold on his country, hes gonna have to get a couple of houses up and running to house some people

  • He really runs it better than Africa or the Middle East lmao

  • every man carries a nation within himself. they only needs to project it out just like the president of Molossia did.

  • Got own currency?

  • The subtitles think it's "Malaysia". 😂😂😂😂

  • The puffy servant statistically transport because company aerobically wail to a delicate office. tart, deserted stop

  • That flag is almost similar with Uzbekistan's flag.

  • Pretty cool

  • Wow Far cry 6 looks amazing

  • 👍 Yes

  • Who is willing to go to Molossia and act as sketchy a.f. just so they can qualify for the hourly frisking by the "law" ?!

  • There is nothing serious about it. They must be paying American taxes also lol.

  • I am sure the cia is watching😂

  • Tourist Traps: +Exists+ Republic of Molassia: "Hold my beer"

  • I wonder if his excellency has diplomatic immunity? I mean if it is in fact its own separate country then I would assume that to be correct or am I wrong?

  • That looks like my home country Uzbekistan’s flag 😂

  • Well mosotho found Lesotho inside South Africa and things worked well for him😂😂😂

  • I'd be interested to hear about the symbolism if any on the flag

  • Cool

  • Imagine being born in molassia

  • Do you give citizenship???

  • Why can i watch this in 4k (2160p)

  • interestingly very funny

  • Can you grow weed legally in this country?

  • I’m Canadian and want to invade this land, you ok with that merica?

  • Would love to be a part of your own country love from india