I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony

Birt 30 júl 2020
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We went to Biosphere 2 to explore and try to understand it's confusing past.
Check out Lexie’s version of the experience!
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  • Thank you for allowing us to continue doing good with our platform and with Seek Discomfort. I know brands always say "We're in this together!" type of stuff but we do genuinely feel a responsibility towards the community to shine a light on positive stories and create a ripple effect of change in whatever capacity we can. So we're excited you're along for the ride and so curious to see where the rest of the year can take us :)

    • Does seek discomfort available in india.

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    • This right here is true beauty ❤️ you guys and what you do keep me going

    • 🙏 Thank you!

    • Yoo love the channel! But 55$ ex. Shipping for a hoodie? Your markup is insane bruh. Edit: after finishing the video, I guess you guys do spend it wisely ❤

  • Wow.

  • this video is just amazing.. I love your videos guys.. they can be soo crazy and soo moving at the same time. you are making art! Symphony, what a great name and what a great soul!

  • Man ya'll got me tearing up at 1:48am lol

  • I had heard about this experiment long time ago.....so officially is discontinued but good that the Univ of Arizona kept it for research purposes....this is awesome info...thank you Yes Theory

  • You guys ROCK

  • Technically they weren’t researchers. They were artists actors. And there was a lot of fights and it was almost kind of a disaster it was more of a happy accident. I mean now they use it for research but they were originally train for that and it was kind of a whole mess really. Rhett and Link from going to the good morning actually have a whole video on biosphere 2. I recommend it.

  • You guys are truly amazing 🥺

  • Yeah starts at 4:00

  • Yup, this got this channel a new subscriber

  • Beautiful just watched biosphere 2 in the plane yesterday

  • This was the inspiration for that polly shore movie right? Biodome?

  • this is so sweet, i cried a little.

  • video ends at 11:10

  • they get to biosphere at 3:50


  • Video was cool until the end. No reason to have that girl talk about her child hood. Thumbs down. Keep that personal shit out of videos unless that is what the video is suppose to be about.

  • What the hell does the girl growing up poor have to do with the episode. Yeah it sucks what you went threw but why talk about it during this episode just weird. Idk if you trying to get sympathy or what. But wrong video for that.

  • So Biodome wasn't just a goofy Pauly Shore movie?

  • (you can always add oxygen and food)

  • It makes me feel amazing that there are people in the world as kind and loving as you all. I am inspired. Thank you.

  • I'm kinda in passion with her LoL

  • Let’s talk about how awesome the tour guide is 🤗

  • The amount of tears falling from my eyes She’s so beautiful inside and out .. we need more people in life like you guys

  • Way to go Yes Theory! Giving when you don't have to is something very admirable!

  • Frickin love u guys for what u do

  • Where is this place located? Do they do overnight camping tour's?

  • don't be on camera with a mask on.

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  • I’m learning this now

  • bro how was this 8 months ago wtf

  • Just love the idea you guys believe in and the positive changes you bring to peoples lives ❤😊

  • Bio dome, best movie lol

  • Too much fluff.😐

  • 5:50

  • That girl is annoying. Made me cringe...

  • So long didn't see Ammar

  • Being isolated there for 2 years surly is better than what we got now.

  • 4:29 huge positive cloud to ground lighting strike in the back lol

  • Paulie Shore still lives here

  • Thats how you bring a grown up man like me to cry lake a baby :D

  • I have a crazy idea. Lets put one of those on the moon Musk: Fuck it lets do it

  • One of the best documentaries that recounts the realistic day to day life of the project is called Bio-Dome.

  • I love this ❤️✨

  • Elon Musk and SpaceX want to know your location

  • I love you Yes Theory💚🇵🇭

  • Why do people buy merch?

  • Thank you for the sub brother! I appreciate the support man! much love!

  • with that mustache you look alot like

  • I thought it would be abandoned, but they been taking care of it.

  • If you never heard of this it means you were born in the 90s or later.

  • Yall worried bout the wrong shit where's lexies @, cuz fuhh😵

  • Crazy how 10k a year can change her life and billionaires are hoarding cash and squeal at anything that could impact their bottom line.

  • Everything is possible Because of You My friend I don't know if I was not here I would have missed This things. The humanity. The YES theory ♥️🙌

  • Keep Pauly Shore away from this, he'll destroy it.

  • Im a new subscriber. I am so glade the world has you guys in it. You give me hope for the future of humanity.

  • Very interesting and also very touching and inspirational😊

  • Was not expecting to cry like this. Wonderful job guys.

  • I had heard the biosphere 2 experiment failed. I have also heard there is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments that got unexpected results. So those who ran this program should have fully owned what happened, fixed it, and continue. I hear they cancelled experiment prematurely instead. Which is a shame.

  • all i can think about while watching this is biodome, it was filmed here

  • World's so called richest country in the world, with the among the world's poorest. Are we truly the richest country on earth, or is it collective illusion cultivated by those tiny few who truly have all the wealth and its income? Things will only get worse until they become better... we will fall rock bottom just as all empires have in the past. Most empires had to fall apart, hit rock bottom until they were no longer a walking talking bullshit factory sniffing their own moldy farts. Lost generations, not just one. But many and still counting. All those abandoned places, the USA will have many. World's richest nation on earth reduced to a beggar nation for the simplest things: healthcare, education, even paid sick time is not provisioned by law, nor vacation, most in prison/jail, civil court frequently prohibits lawyers, and of grand civil court lawyers are not appointed by right, only in criminal court. The world's richest country is the world's biggest farce. It will be the task for us all to throw away the tired dogma, the neo robber baron propounding unadulterated ruin that "greed" was some how good and markets unfettered to robber baron delights and whims produce anything other than a boom bust cycle that oscillates in a more violent fashion until it rips itself apart leaving full wrought a collapsed nation with many lost generations. Even the begging begins to fall on deaf ears as nobody has spare cash to give. It's up to our lost generations to learn from this disaster that is the repeat of the robber baron 1800's insanity. Throw off the dogma, to catch up with other nations, and to love one another again and in doing so become a happier more prosperous people again, and perhaps we will rather than ignore the various resource and environmental problems, but help in solving them, treating them as an opportunity than a threat we must ignore so to protect some robber baron so they don't decide to fire us from some shit job that doesn't even pay enough for rent or mortgage anyway. Some robber baron who doesn't give one shit about you or I. Nor whether we voted one way or another, they'll get their way anyway. And even when they get their own way, your job won't be saved if it can add another penny to their earnings per share. Or whether we even eat their dogma and shit it out: voting for one of their puppets time and time again in a so called democracy; when in fact it is well known among our own people, and all too well among other nations, that we at least currently are a plutocracy. Rip the plutocracy down. Build a true democracy.

  • You guys are amazing!! Angels!!

  • ❤she certainly deserves it. Love the positive energy here🥺

  • Y'all seriously have the coolest job to travel the world

  • I would love to live in a forgotten space colony on Earth

  • its biodome I remember this place because of that movie in the 90's

  • Thank you so much you guys make us believe that there are so many good people like you still exists in this cruel World ❤️❤️

  • Wow! This is the coolest thing I have ever seen! An entire remade in biospheres seems more like a movie or tv show, but there it is. Just when my mind is blown about that, u allowed Symphony to share her story which was so inspiring but only 1/2 as much as her spirit! U can tell she will take this beautiful gift u have given her and keep giving to others. When people talk crap about the youth, I see you guys, people like u, and symphony and instead than God y’all are the future!

  • Anyone remembered the movie bio-dome?

  • Came to learn about an abandoned space colony. Learnt about a biosphere and ended up crying. I felt this one. Very happy the title was not about how this video ended. It was a pleasant surprise. Made me want to unfollow to follow again

  • How would they get the fishes and tree in space tho

  • I want to hug her so bad

  • Why can't I literally smash the like button!!! THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST VIDEO YOU CAN FIND IN THE INTERNET, BEST WISHES TO SYMPHONY!!!! Seek Discomfort.

  • Although the focus was on lack of oxygen back in the day when Biosphere 2 was promising, an even bigger problem to setting something like this on other planets or the moon is the lack of water which is needed in massive quantities to support biomass indefinitely. Humans can't even keep the oceans on Earth functional, how can anyone expect humans to create one from scratch in a currently uninhabitable planet and maintain it. It simply cannot be done by people who will always be infected by greedy, lawless psychopaths the likes of which can be seen running around the government in plain sight and were led for four years by the biggest antisocial, selfish narcissist they could find. Such humans would likely end up leading such a colony which would lead to a quick demise and likely everyone's quick death as opposed to the slow death that we see for Earth because it has so much water as a natural resource.

  • respect!

  • great

  • Symphony looks like a cute toddler drinking water hahhaha

  • I Actually Dropped a tear wen i seen her get the money for a scholarship 💯dope

  • Great vid great work, great bunch of people and the ending was unexpected and had me a grown man in complete tears, that girl is a very talented artist and so deserving of the generosity from all of you, well done to everyone from Ireland.

  • love you guys

  • Best place for Zombie Apocalypse

  • Its amazing what they will let you do when your fathers a Freemason..... Isn't it you sellout? 🐙🐙🐙🐙👁👁👁🐙🐙🐙🐙

  • Bio-Dome in real life lol

  • ...How hard is to simulate other climates? Have you been in any zoo before?

  • U guys are great u are kind of fulfilling the dreams of an entire generation.respect🙏

  • "Viva Los Bio-dome"

  • Best COVID lockdown place

  • Holy crap! I thought Bio-Dome with Pauly Shore and Steven Baldwin was just a movie.

  • Not forgotten. It’s a tourist attraction in southern AZ. Also, didn’t mention that none of the crew in the experiment were trained except the doctor and they couldn’t get along with each and quite hate each other now. That’s what the guide we were with said.

    • Yep, when I went there a year ago there was tons of people there. Not forgotten at all. Amazing place

  • The video said you've probably never heard of BS2. I find that hard to believe because it's on the list of things to do I give outsiders when they come by Tucson. It's a place all the kids go on field trips here. For us it's like going to the planetarium.

  • I was not ready to cry today! So much hope and love.

  • If the biosphere is meant as a trial for another planet, say mars.. of course it wouldnt be able to sustain oxygen and it would acquire oxygen generator on its own. Just like the special candles in submarines.. saying that it wudnt need any o2 topped up is kinda stupid..how long can oxygen in an airtight dome with living being can last? Even the ratio of green plants to produce oxygen is not accurate of earths scale.. how is it condemned as a failure?

  • This video brought me to tears 😢. Now I understand why you guys are s loved by many 👍 Keep up the good work.

  • This was a failed expensive af experiment

  • I think I saw a movie like this when I was a kid

  • Wow! You guys have really blessed us. Thank you so much. Symphony...what a powerful testimony. She will bless the world with her gifts. 🤍💚💙🧡

  • Biodome

  • This is awesome. Thank you for sharing and I live that you are inspiring other people.

  • Man it’s cool when people actually get together to change lives amazing that’s love right there ❤️

  • I’m over here thinking of Bio-Dome and now you all have me crying ugly. Mean!