We Created A Matchmaking Business

Birt 28 apr 2019
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Ahhhh Finding love.... Probably one of the most common struggles we all face at some point in our life. Yet, as we've grown more connected online than ever before, a lot of people still struggle to make genuine connections with other people. Soooo that gave us an idea... What if we gave ourselves 3 days to throw a matchmaking event that would get 40 single people in the same room to push them to seek discomfort and get to know each other faster than they've gotten to know any stranger before?
Thank you to our friends Esteban @realestebangast and Jackie @i.am.jackie for being the most amazing hosts. And thank you to Austin @austinkevitch for offering up his house for the vent
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Who are we?
We believe that life can be as fulfilling as you wish, so long as you're willing to seek discomfort. And we make videos about it.
Business Inquiries: zack@yestheory.com
Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge


  • First

  • if u need app to find gf u need app to find reason to live

  • At 12:44 who heard the legendary man falling sound fx

  • The omniscient owner sequentially unpack because canvas comprehensively empty save a grouchy shoulder. female fertile, simple factory

  • in the end did any one notice hannah from the funk bros

  • Feel like if i was at this party i would still end up being single

  • 12:44 the "scream" that the editor added upon the arrow hitting - it's super recognizable and i've heard it being being used in multiple, even big, movies can anyone tell me what its "called" and what if it's a referrence to something or some type of homage? i've noticed it so often and never knew what it was, in case anyone knows, i'd appreciate that :)

  • 3:38 Most accurate meme of 2019

  • 13:39 lol what

  • Make a gay version please ! In Paris please ! :)

  • next video: We marry someone and let them control rest of our lives.

  • That " mine ,mine ,mine " was hilarious..

  • I would die to participate in a matchmaking challenge. I struggle to find a genuine connection with a genuine person. It’s just so hard now days 💔

  • I saw Sorelle Amore twice in the video.

  • nawa'y lahat

  • the more I watch this guys the more I feel like I can do whatever I want on the entire planet

  • Guys who got laid that night are the ones who enjoyed their $20

  • 2:28 Tuesday 2 days HAHAHA get it my sense of humor is real shitty soz :p

  • Donate to my patreon pls :)

  • I asked my crush And she said yes Lol 😆😆

  • Thomas: thank you for playing along 😅😆

  • 13:40 she randomly grabs him..why does this seem to not bother anyone? It is literally sexual assult.

  • "My wife doesn't know im here" me: oh noEs

  • “At one point in our lives” How long is one point?

  • Hey guys wea z Amaar

  • Cupid Thomas😂

  • Everyone trying to find their perfect match... Meanwhile Thomas and a Random guy, "how much can you eat competetion"😂

  • anybody else saw what happened at 13:39 ... look at that girl's hand!

  • 9:55 her smile 😔



  • Wait- how do u know everybodys straight tho-

  • such a nice event. the look on the guys face at 13:40 is epic :D

  • 9:36 when you get busted doing funny business in public

  • Yes!!!!

  • You know your single and lonely as fuck when you hear the word matchmaking you immediately think about matchmaking for multiplayer games

  • how about not inviting all attractive 10's? just an idea

  • If you ever do a 2.0 please hmu! (I'm lonely :( )

  • If someone knew funk Bros you will know Hannah there assistant and Corey dating her she's in the 13:45 put in 0.25x

  • Very inspiring, and I will take on the challenge. You're all ways invited to my house in Ridgefield, Washington. :)

  • 12:32 y she usin her phone?!!! Lmaooo

  • Too many ads.

  • 3:43 Yes, that may be true

  • I hope you can find me one. Its a fear

  • waiting for me to become 18😂

  • i miss darre, he was a lovely guy

  • Matt please let’s make an meet up here in Bahrain I know you won’t come at least make a post on Instagram that there will be a fans meeting in Bahrain 🇧🇭 you can hit me up on @the_big_man3 plz plz guys

  • Matt if you guys will have a event like this please hit me up I will come by sea i living in Bahrain there are no flights now Soo the sea will do 😂

  • When the pandemic is over, can they bring this back at the Yes Theory events around the country they were talking about? PLEASE 💙🙏🏻

  • Why do I live in a so shitty town that something like that can ever happen only in my imagination? 😂

  • Where was Amar????

  • 13:40. Girl grabs balls of dancing guy LOL

  • Awesome friends!!!

  • "If you have the women, the men come." *laughs in gay*

  • 10:34 is this Sorelle Amore??

  • 8:07 I'm glad my wife doesn't know I'm here LEGENDARY

  • 13:40

  • 14:36 his Godfather impression is on point!

  • My nightmare

  • Back before the dreaded 2020.

  • Esteban spoke at my school lol. Really cool dude

  • Esteban spoke at my school lol. Really cool dude

  • why at 13:39 is that lady grabing his crotch

  • Where r the gays tho?

  • stuck in quarantine, wish i could have the challenge... can you suggest a challenge we can do in quarantine? would love to do it :)

  • Love this

  • You gotta do more matchmaking videos!

  • Anybody know any ways to meet a nice girl for a teen?

  • yes theory (No truer words have been said in the history of mankind!)

  • 10:07 when u r single on earth

  • 13:40 😳

  • "it's a NO phone event" 12:31 a girl; "yours is so cuteee" then *takes out her phone to take a pic* XD l

  • 13:40 Someone had a good rummage

  • Anyone watching in 2020 knowing how fast this would get shut down because of Covid?

  • Bates College 2k19!

  • Bro she said sno

  • Lol Logan pauls old editor was there. Idk if anyone else saw him.

  • this makes me feel lonely in 20 different ways

  • Does anyone know the song starting at 14:40?

  • 13:39 WTF yo hahahahahahahHHh that girl grabbed his crotch

  • pov: u found out about yes theory during quarantine and is now binge watching all of their videos and can’t stop.

  • Hello Yes Theory, I am a 23 year old virgin. Can yall hook me up like this. please and thank you

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  • The matchmaking dude is amazing

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